Quiz: Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You?

What is your favorite of these colors?

If you were in the Hunter x Hunter universe, which type of Nen aura would you want to have?

Which of these choices best describes your personality?

What type of clothing do you usually wear?

How's your intelligence?

How good is your physical strength and stamina?

How is your creativity?

You have to carry one of these things around with you all the time. Which would you want it to be? (none of the choices can fit in pant pockets)

Which of these abilities would you prefer to have?

An acquaintance your age who you aren't close with runs up out of nowhere and invites you to their birthday party. What is your response?

Which of these things is the most important to you?

Which of these is your biggest weakness?

Quiz: Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You?
You are: Meruem

You are: Biscuit Krueger

You are: Chrollo Lucilfer

You are: Neferpitou

You are: Kite

You are: Gon Freecss

You are: Killua Zoldyck

You are: Kurapika

You are: Leorio Paradinight

You are: Isaac Netero

You are: Hisoka Morou

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