Quiz: Which 4-Star Genshin Impact Character Are You?

What is your favorite element?

What is your favorite weapon?

Would you rather live in Mondstadt, Liyue, or Inazuma?

If you had to be one of these professions, which one would you choose?

What is your birth month?

Which one of these dishes sounds the most delicious?

If you were on a Genshin squad, what role would you want to fill?

What is your personality like?

What is your personality like? (Choose another!)

Which one of these items do you feel the most connection to?

How do you feel about killing Timmie's pigeons?

If you could have one of these abilities in the real world, what would it be?

Pick a favorite hobby

Which one of these foods sounds the most disgusting to you?

If you were standing around waiting for something, which of these things would you feel like doing to pass the time?

Which of these concepts is the most important to you and representative of your spirit?

Quiz: Which 4-Star Genshin Impact Character Are You?
You are: Amber

You are: Barbara

You are: Lisa

You are: Kaeya

You are: Razor

You are: Bennett

You are: Noelle

You are: Fischl

You are: Sucrose

You are: Beidou

You are: Ningguang

You are: Xiangling

You are: Xingqiu

You are: Chongyun

You are: Diona

You are: Xinyan

You are: Rosaria

You are: Yanfei

You are: Sayu

You are: Kujou Sara

You are: Thoma

You are: Gorou

You are: Yun Jin

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