Top 12 Most Obnoxious One Piece Characters Based Purely on Their Laugh or Sentence Ender

Alright guys, I’ve beaten around this bush for long enough. It’s finally time to just do it. Lay it all on the table. It’s time to write the most important article that I’ve ever written.

Here is my list of the top 12 most obnoxious One Piece characters based on their laughs and sentence enders.

One Piece is famous for this. When a character laughs, they almost always laugh in a unique, often annoying fashion. Even if this laugh is pretty much the most ungodly thing you’ve ever heard, you’ll often hear it many, many more times until the plot mercifully moves on to focus on something else. Unfortunately, this can often take a long time, as every character, even the most important ones, have unique laughs like this.

Further, some characters also have what I’ve elected to call “sentence enders,” which are small one-word additions that some One Piece characters add to the end of their sentences. For instance, one character, Baron Tamago, is meant to be French-themed and thus ends many of his sentences with random French words such as Bon, Soir, or Renaissance.

I’m going to combine both annoying laughs and annoying sentence enders into one list. People are going to disagree with me on a lot of these, but that’s okay because this is one of the most subjective lists I could ever make. You can come to your own conclusions. Finally, I unfortunately may not be able to link to a lot of examples of these things, so you’ll just have to trust me, use your memory, or look this shit up yourself. Let’s begin at the bottom with the 12th most annoying laugh or sentence-ender.

12. Trebol’s laugh

Trebol is an underling of Doflamingo who has a devil fruit which essentially gives him the power of controlling and becoming mucus. Thus, when he laughs, he constantly sounds like he has a stuffed nose. His laugh sounds like “BEH HEH HEH HEH HEH.” A lot of people would say this belongs higher up on the list, but I actually think it’s pretty funny.

11. Perona’s laugh

Persona is a character with the power to control ghosts which fly through people and essentially give them depression. She has an extended fight scene against Usopp, and so there is ample opportunity to hear her very annoying laugh, which goes “HORO HORO HORO HORO HORO HORO HORO.” Very annoying and rather high pitched, which makes it worse.

10. Caesar Clown’s laugh

Caesar Clown is the main villain of the Punk Hazard arc, and his laugh is roughly something akin to “CHOLOLOLOLOLOLO.” Look for yourself, it’s pretty bad.

9. Fukurou’s sentence ender

Fukurou is a minor antagonist within the Enies Lobby arc. After many of his sentences, he says, in a breathy voice, the phrase “CHAPAPA.” I do not know why he does this, but it is annoying, especially combined with his odd appearance and whiny, high-pitched voice. High-pitched voices are very common for this list.

8. Pica’s laugh

Pica is an antagonist within the Dressrosa arc, and has a notoriously high-pitched voice, which he is very self-conscious about. When people point out his high-pitched voice, he gets angry and will want to murder them. His voice itself is honestly the most annoying thing about him, but his laugh specifically goes PICA PICA PICARARARA which is also bad.

7. Buffalo’s sentence ender

Buffalo is a minor antagonist in Dressrosa, and uses the sentence-ender “DASUYAN,” which is very annoying combined with his dumb, staccato voice. Dunno what it means and I don’t care to look it up.

6. Kumadori’s sentence ender

Kumadori is a minor antagonist in Enies Lobby. Kumadori has an odd habit of saying things very slowly and stressing odd syllables in a traditional Japanese Kabuki style. His sentence ender is “YOYOI,” which honestly is made much more annoying by the fact that I associate the word with all of his other frustratingly slow mannerisms. You have to wait forever every time he talks.

5. Ryuboshi’s sentence ender

Ryuboshi is one of the three brother princes of Fishman Island. He is annoying because he ends many of his sentences with some version of “FA SO LA TI DO.” Yes, like the music note scale. Sometimes it is a smaller version of this with fewer notes like “LA TI DO.” His voice is whiny and he says the sentence ender quickly, and making it all worse is the facts that he has a very minor role in the show and has a goofy-looking face as if he is clowning me for disliking him. I think he should have just been left out of the manga/anime.

4. Satori’s laugh

Satori was one of the minor antagonists of the Skypiea arc. He was an underling of Eneru/Enel and bopped around laughing and talking shit with a high-pitched taunting tone. His laugh sounded like “O HOH HOOOH.” I forgot him for a bit but remembered him for the purposes of making this list accurate.

3. Daisy’s laugh

Daisy is the picture at the beginning of this article. Daisy was a minor character of the Amazon Lily arc. This may be the hottest take on this list, because many may not have found her that annoying. Her laugh was like “zahahaha,” which honestly isn’t the most annoying thing in the world on its own as it was not particularly whiny, high pitched, loud, or long in duration. However, it’s her fucking face and the tone of the laugh which get me, which are overwhelmingly stupid. I know maybe I’m being too harsh on Daisy, but sometimes you have to just trust your overwhelming gut instinct that something is annoying, and this is one of those things, my friends. She also just didn’t have to exist, there were plenty of background Amazonians in this arc.

2. Moria’s laugh

Now we have reached the absolute cream of the annoying crop. Moria has the special dishonor of being one of the most plot-centric characters on this list (along with Caesar Clown), which is very bad for viewers, as they have to hear this laugh for dozens of episodes in a row. His laugh goes “KIYEEEEAAAA SHI SHI SHI SHI SHI SHI” and usually is repeated several times in a row. It is extremely high pitched and whiny, and is essentially the laughing equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. I think it is made even more annoying by his role in the plot, which is that he gets to hide behind his army of undead beings while not being especially powerful himself and laugh about the situation. Nobody would disagree with this being near the top of the list, and many would consider this laugh the worst.

1. Hogback’s laugh

Hogback was one of Moria’s subordinates. So was Perona, who was number 11 on this list. This made this arc extreme auditory hell torture and I may honestly recommend that people watch this arc on mute. The annoying nature of these laughs was made worse by the fact that the arc itself was, in my opinion, pretty boring even though it had a spooky vibe and I watched it around Halloween. It just amplified by constant feeling of “get me out of here.” Anyway Hogback’s laugh was “FOS FOS FOS FOS FOS” and was very high-pitched, oddly-breathy and whiny. He did it often, and it was enhanced by his generally creepy backstory of reanimating a girl he was obsessed with in order to essentially force her corpse to date him. I don’t know, it’s a tough call between this one and Moria.

Anyway there’s that.