The Top 10 WORST Devil Fruits in One Piece

Gomu Gomu no Mi
Pictured above: The Gomu Gomu no Mi – The Gum-Gum Fruit
This fruit is too powerful to be on this list.

I’m gonna try to make this as spoiler free as I can.

In One Piece, devil fruits are edible fruits which allow a person, animal, or object to gain a unique ability upon taking a bite. Scattered throughout the world, they often go for ridiculously high prices on the black market and are coveted by the government and gangs of pirates alike. Some of these fruits, called Logias, hold the power to turn someone’s body into an element, like ice, fire, and electricity, and to control said element at will. Other fruits, referred to as Zoans, allow a user to morph into a specific animal and give the user the attributes of said animal. The final category of fruits, Paramecias, is the most common type of fruit and is a catch-all category of other abilities. Using a powerful devil fruit at its maximum potential allows you to reach the upper echelons of One Piece society and control thousands of underlings. Although it is certainly possible to be very powerful without a devil fruit, this is the exception rather than the rule.

Having a devil fruit is not all sunshine and rainbows. The One Piece world is overwhelmingly composed of water, with the globe’s land coverage being limited to a narrow band encircling the globe and to the various islands, small and large, peppering the vast ocean.  When someone eats a devil fruit, they lose their ability to swim and are rendered limp and powerless if submerged at least halfway in water. Seeing as most characters are pirates or members of the navy, this is a huge issue. Also an issue is the fact that the sea can be captured into a mineral called Sea Prism stone, which, when used as handcuffs or as a cage, leaves a devil fruit user weakened and without their ability due to contact with the stone. This is all in addition to the sheer cost and hardship that would be involved in obtaining a fruit, should you not surreptitiously find one at random.

Taking into account all the strengths and weaknesses, it is still almost certain that eating a devil fruit, if you have one, is a good idea. Almost all the fruits would be an upgrade from having no superhuman abilities at all.

We’re gonna talk here about the one’s that may not be such a good idea. I’m going to rank top ten worst devil fruits.

A few disclaimers. First of all, this list is going to be from the perspective of an average entity. What this means is that I’m not going to take into account the specific person who ACTUALLY consumed the fruit, and will instead be judging the fruit in the abstract. Second, notice I said from the perspective of the average entity. I’m not going to assume that a human is eating the fruit as that is often not the case. For instance, therefore, I’m not putting Chopper’s fruit, which allows him to transform into a human, on the list. While for a human this would be useless, if any other animal ate this fruit, it would be very useful. Third, I’m not putting any artificial SMILE fruits on this list. Fourth, when I judge the value of the fruit I am referring to both combat usefulness and usefulness in everyday life outside of combat. Thus, something with no combat ability, while perhaps not very useful to a pirate, could be very useful for reconnaissance, money, convenience, or otherwise to a peace-loving individual.

Now let’s begin the list at number 10.

10. The Sui Sui no Mi (The Swim-Swim Fruit)

The Swim-Swim Fruit allows the user to swim through solid surfaces, such as buildings, the ground, walls, floors, or anything else (but not water). Using this fruit means that you can submerge into these surfaces as if they were water, allowing you to dodge attacks or to sneak up on your opponent. The user can also swim upwards.

This fruit lands in my ranking as the tenth worst fruit because it has little combat capability or and limited usefulness otherwise. Although used in the series during combat, the only feasible advantages that this fruit offers are allowing you to swim up objects to gain higher ground, dodging attacks, and surprise attacks. The fruit could also be useful to go through walls. Despite these features, in direct combat there are basically no advantages, the ability to dodge seems sluggish to feasibly implement, and you can only move as fast as you can swim (i.e., not terribly fast). This fruit really isn’t terrible, but something has to occupy the bottom of the list, and all the other fruits I’ve looked at are superior.

9. The Nui Nui no Mi (The Stitch-Stitch Fruit)

The Nui Nui no Mi seems like a worse version of the Ito Ito no Mi (String-String fruit) which indeed has a very powerful user. This fruit allows the user to stitch things together with a needle and thread. These objects or people can be stitched together with anything, and the stitches can then be undone as if nothing had happened. For instance, a captured person could be stitched to the ground, or a person’s mouth could be stitched shut, and they would not be damaged by the act of stitching. This fruit is difficult to use in combat, as you would have to be very dexterous, but in combat it could encumber the enemy by sewing things or other people to the enemy, or the user could sew the enemy to the ground. This fruit would be good for holding captives and for securing objects during a storm on the sea or during an earthquake. However, again, very limited combat capability. As you might imagine, getting a needle and thread through someone you’re fighting against would be very difficult, and in practical, everyday life there are usually other ways to attach things. This fruit seems similar in value to the previous fruit, the Sui Sui (Swim-Swim) fruit, but the Nui Nui no Mi doesn’t give you the element of surprise, the ability to dodge, or the ability to move through solid objects, which just seems better to me. The Nui Nui no Mi seems worse.

8 & 7. The Ton Ton no Mi and the Kiro Kiro no Mi (The Ton-Ton and Kilo-Kilo Fruits)

I grouped these fruits together because they essentially do the same thing. The Ton-Ton fruit allows the user to increase their body weight to 10,000 tons, whereas the Kilo-Kilo Fruit allows the user to increase their body weight to 10,000 kilograms. A ton is 907.185 kilograms (thank you, Google), so the Ton-Ton fruit is clearly better. However, they both suffer from the same weaknesses which make them occupy a similar spot on this list. Essentially, to hurt someone with it, you would have to be on top of the person, because that is how gravity works. Further, if you miss, you basically slam into the ground. Keep in mind also that this is the One Piece world, where there are giants, people have unexplained ridiculous amounts of strength which dwarf a regular human’s amount of strength, and people can use Haki, which allows a person to multiply their regular amount of power. Thus, even 10,000 tons can theoretically be insufficient to destroy an enemy, and the users essentially must throw themselves through the air to get maximum effect out of the crushing impact. This leads to a very telegraphed attack that can damage the user if whiffed. In non-combat situations, this fruit seems not to be very useful, although you probably wouldn’t need to buy a nutcracker ever again if you had this power.

Despite those weaknesses, the user could probably take out almost every enemy by simply pinning them down and crushing their bones, so it can be very strong in the right situation. If you can land an attack, it would be devastating. This advantage alone causes these fruits to stay out of the very top of the worst fruit list.

6. The Kame Kame no Mi (The Turtle-Turtle Fruit)

This fruit allows the user to become a turtle, or part-turtle. The user has a very hard shell on their back which is strong enough to block bullets, and can fully retreat in their shell in order to be nearly totally impervious to incoming force. However, this fruit provides nothing in the way of practical considerations, and to actually block the incoming attack you have to get the transformation off before it hits you. I’m not sure if this applies here, but turtles are usually pretty slow, so transforming defensively would probably reduce your speed in combat ridiculously to the point where it may be a liability.  The strength for this fruit seems pretty situational and not fantastic regardless, which is why it lands on this list as the sixth worst devil fruit.

5 & 4. The Inu Inu no Mi: (The Dog-Dog Fruit) Models Dachshund and Tanuki

This fruit allows the user to transform into a dog. The fifth place spot goes to the Dachshund Model and the fourth place spot goes to the Tanuki model, simply because I think a Dachshund is more powerful than a Tanuki. A Tanuki, by the way, is a racoon dog. Tom Nook from Animal Crossing is a Tanuki. Anyway, the Dog-Dog fruit’s position on this list requires little explanation. Turning into a dog would not be terribly useful, although one could imagine combat enhancement through use of the teeth and the potential outside combat to disguise oneself as a cute and harmless animal. I was going to say that speed was an advantage, but having googled the average speed of humans, dachshunds, and raccoons, there really isn’t much of a difference in their running speed. There would probably be an increase in the user’s ability to smell. Of the animals one could turn into, this might be a bit of a dud, and it does not have the defensive capability of a turtle. That lands this fruit’s variants in the fifth and fourth spots on the list.

3. The Nagi Nagi no Mi (The Calm-Calm Fruit)

                The Calm-Calm Fruit allows the user to create a soundproof field which can block out all sound from the outside or cancel all sound coming from the inside. One can also use the fruit to nullify all sound coming from any person, meaning that it would be good for stealth missions or surprise attacks where one would not want to be heard. However, in straight up combat, this seems next to useless except for an initial surprise strike. Outside of combat, this may be nice in terms of letting one sleep without being bothered. Honestly though, we are now pretty heavily into the territory of fruits which actually might be a curse to eat rather than helpful. If you were to tell me I could have this sound cancellation ability in exchange for the ability to swim in a world pretty heavily covered in water, I really don’t think I would take that trade. If you were a pirate, I think it is definitely not worth it. Thus, despite slight advantages, this fruit claims the third spot on the list of worst devil fruits.

2. The Fuku Fuku no Mi (The Clothes-Clothes Fruit)

The Fuku Fuku no Mi allows the user to create clothes on the body of the user and on the body of others. This is pretty cool right? You could essentially become extremely rich by selling the clothing you produce, and you could produce whatever outfit you and your friends wanted for the day instantly. Further, you would always be prepared clothes-wise for whatever sort of weather, and you could disguise yourself as other people. However, it is not exactly as straightforward as that. The clothes disappear after they are taken off, meaning that any hopes you would have of getting rich off of this combat ability are out the window. Further, the user has to put an object on the head of whoever the clothes are being put on in order to create the clothing on their body. Why? I don’t know, but that’s a requirement.

It goes without saying that these limitations make the fruit far less attractive, although people would still have to respect your constant drip and in extreme climates you could protect you and your friends with winter coats, heat-resistance wear, or rain jackets. Also, no paying for clothes ever again. But with the fruit’s odd limitations and its total lack of any combat value, this fruit has to land near the top of the worst fruit list. Still kind of neat though.

1. The Jake Jake no Mi (The Jacket-Jacket Fruit)

This fruit allows the user to turn into a jacket. Yes, a jacket, like the article of clothing. The user, in jacket form, can then be worn by another person and gives the user the ability to control that person’s body. I do not think that this fruit lends the user or the jacket-wearer any extra combat strength, and it seems that the wearer has to voluntarily don the jacket. The only potential uses for this fruit would be if the devil fruit user is more courageous or skilled with moving the jacket-wearer’s body than the jacket-wearer would be, although there is no reason that the average consumer of the fruit would be more skilled than the average person in those areas. Perhaps the user could trick someone into wearing the jacket and then hurt the jacket-wearer with their own body? (“Why are you hitting yourself?”) Otherwise, this fruit is, by all indications, useless, and that is why it takes the top spot on this list. This is the worst devil fruit.

I’m gonna go ahead and keep the ability to swim on this one.