Random Quality Anime Generator

Hello friends of the Rainyfox Empire! It’s Gray.

I often see people who have no idea what to watch next, and honestly, if you ask people for recommendations, there are a lot of people who will recommend shows that simply are not that good. Plus, many different people will often give you a lot of different shows to watch, so it can be hard to know where to start. You may also just not know who to ask.

Look no further! I have curated a stockpile of higher-quality anime into a random anime generator! One series is pre-generated below, and if you don’t like it or have already seen the show, you can click again to refresh the page and generate a new one.

The shows were chosen because of their good reputation in the anime community or because of my personal enjoyment of the series (often, both). Only good anime are included. If you watch an anime that is generated by this list, you bear all responsibility for the consequences of that. Any anime will have people who end up disliking it, so that is bound to happen sometimes! I also will definitely have left out some quality shows from the generator. Make sure to research the series ahead of time in case the show doesn’t look like your thing, or if you’re going to be negatively affected by the show’s content.

With no further ado, here is the generator!