Quiz: Which Character From Naruto’s Generation Are You?

Greetings citizens of the Hidden Rainy Fox Village, also known as Amenokitsunegakure (too long?).

Here is a quiz that you can take to find out what Naruto character you are! This Naruto quiz includes 16 characters from Naruto’s generation, including the Konoha 11, the Sand Siblings, Sasuke, and Sai!

Take our Naruto personality quiz below!

What month were you born?

Which of these choices best describes your personality?

What is your favorite color?

Which of these abilities is your favorite?

Which of these people would you want to teach you?

How intelligent are you?

Which of these foods sounds the most delicious?

Which of these foods (or food types) sounds the most disgusting to you?

Choose a favorite hobby

How often do you joke around?

Pick a favorite animal

Which Character From Naruto's Generation Are You?
You are: Temari

You are: Shino

You are: Chouji

You are: Sakura

You are: Hinata

You are: Neji

You are: Kiba

You are: Rock Lee

You are: Shikamaru

You are: Tenten

You are: Sai

You are: Naruto

You are: Ino

You are: Sasuke

You are: Kankurou

You are: Gaara

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