Quiz: Which 5-Star Genshin Impact Character Are You?

After extensive research and testing, we have determined the perfect set of questions to determine which 5-Star Genshin Impact character you are!

Take this Genshin quiz to find out! The quiz contains all 5-Star characters (aside from crossover characters) up to and including Yae Miko!

Traveler and crossover characters such as Aloy are not included.

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What is your favorite element?

What is your favorite weapon?

Would you rather live in Mondstadt, Liyue, or Inazuma?

If you had to be one of these professions, which one would you choose?

What is your birth month?

Which one of these dishes sounds the most delicious?

If you were on a Genshin squad, what role would you want to fill?

Which of these choices best describes your personality?

Which of these choices best describes your personality? (Choose another!)

Which one of these items do you feel the most connection to?

How do you feel about killing Timmie's pigeons?

If you could have one of these abilities in the real world, what would it be?

Pick a favorite hobby

Which one of these foods is the most disgusting to you?

If you were standing around waiting for something, which of these things would you feel like doing to pass the time?

Which 5-Star Genshin Impact Character Are You?
You are: Albedo

You are: Diluc

You are: Eula

You are: Ganyu

You are: Hu Tao

You are: Jean

You are: Keqing

You are: Klee

You are: Mona

You are: Qiqi

You are: Tartaglia (Childe)

You are: Venti

You are: Xiao

You are: Zhongli

You are: Kazuha

You are: Ayaka

You are: Yoimiya

You are: Raiden Shogun

You are: Sangonomiya Kokomi

You are: Arataki Itto

You are: Shenhe

You are: Yae Miko

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