One Piece – Straw Hat Crew Power Rankings (at episode 920) (MAJOR SPOILERS FOR ANY EPISODES BEFORE THIS)

Reaching episode 920, and thus nearly catching up with the anime as it comes out, was quite a journey. I started watching the show from episode one slightly over a year ago, and essentially set aside all other anime series except for this one during that time. Was it worth it? For sure, and maybe in the future I’ll do a few reviews of the various arcs within the show. I was certainly blown away by how attached I would become to the characters, and how much respect I would come to have for the world building and the character designs within the show. It certainly doesn’t have a stellar fanbase in the west, and the character designs put me off when I had entertained the possibility of watching the series in the past. Even then, I only truly started to really appreciate the show after a couple hundred episodes.

But putting all of that aside for now, I just wanted to do something very basic after watching the show and set out my ranking for the power of the crew members. I’m sure this is done often, but in my opinion there is substantial room for debate, especially near the middle and lower parts of the list. Without further ado: here is my power ranking, starting from the bottom.

10. God Usopp

Usopp has a lot of potential. He consistently has shown this potential in big fights, often under the guise of Sogeking, and is able to launch numerous kinds of projectiles with pinpoint accuracy. He has also shown himself to be very creative with his plants, and his combat capability is partially aided by his ability to lie and bluff. However, let’s be real. Usopp is a coward, he has no physical prowess, and no devil fruit. He does have Observation Haki, which aids his accuracy and may be useful otherwise, but there is no indication that he will be able to control this Haki in the immediate future, and so I am not taking it as a given that he can use it at will at all. He has a lot of potential, being the only straw hat with Haki outside of the big three crew members, but for now potential is all that it is. He’s bad.

9. Chopper

Chopper is a fantastic addition to the crew because of his incredible medical prowess, and cute and kind demeanor. However, compared to the other straw hats, his power is lackluster. He is limited to some degree by the rumble ball system, he has no haki, and he is not particularly smart outside of medicine. Although he has multiple transformations, which gives him a lot of flexibility, he is essentially a jack of many trades and a master of none. Put him up against Usopp and he bashes his face in, but against any of the other straw hats his odds are very poor.

8. Brook

Brook’s devil fruit is very vague. It seems to be related to “souls” in some way, but its characteristics so far include: making him immortal, giving him ice powers on his sword (I believe), allowing him to go through walls, and allowing him pseudo mind control (in the case of Big Mom’s underlings). He can also regrow his bones by drinking milk, although Luffy was able to do this too so it might not be just a Brook thing. However, despite these odd characteristics, he does not have enough power behind any of them to make a major splash against anyone. His role, like Chopper’s, is reserved for special and specific situations and occasionally stalling an adversary for when the big guns can come in. Like Chopper, and almost everyone except Usopp, Brook has extrinsic value in that he can play Bink’s Booze for everyone and that’s enough.

7. Nami

Nami is a difficult case, because during the Whole Cake Island arc, she showed herself to be a lot more formidable than in the past. In the past, although she could control the weather, it took a lot of time to set up and would have been simple for most to dodge. Essentially, she would occasionally take out a few minions with lightning. However, on Whole Cake Island, Nami stepped up, rescuing Luffy from Cracker and scoring a major blow on Big Mom by capturing Zeus and using Zeus against her. As a result of this, it is now unclear the extent to which she will be able to use Zeus. Realistically, she could be nearly anywhere on this list depending on the degree to which she can use him. However, for now we have to assume it won’t work quickly, and she would easy be defeated by Robin due to her extremely limited close range ability (Robin can spawn arms directly next to her and incapacitate her). One may be able to make the same argument for Brook to be honest, but he is perhaps not as ruthless as Robin or Nami and he would probably give her time to set up. If she can keep her distance for a certain length of time to unleash some thunder balls, her power is seems actually higher. This one is tough, but I think with her new expanding Climatakt (however you spell it), Nami would make the distance necessary to win.

6. Robin

Robin’s devil fruit power and intelligence are both key to her ability to beat the four people below her on this list. Her devil fruit immediately gives her a close range advantage over all of them, and she can supply the necessary physical power to beat any of them with her ability to create giant limbs. Further, she can use her arms to move herself around the terrain and into the air if need be. Likely she could best Nami and Usopp within a few seconds by short-range clutching them. Brook may succumb to the same trick, as physical prowess is not his strong point. Chopper would likely be able to overpower Robin’s clutch ability, but her ability to fly combined with her intelligence and giant limb power would probably take him out in time. Although Robin is strong, her devil fruit is still mostly only used against underlings and for transportation of the crew across terrain.

5. Franky

Franky has an edge over the other five crew members because of his great amount of durability. Being made of metal, he has shown that he can take essentially any weapon’s impact directly and come out unscathed (Baby 5 tried all sorts of things). Although his most recent accolade is fighting Senor Pink as nearly losing, it is also notable that he survived an assault from three of Doflamingo’s crew fighting together before fighting Pink. To be honest, I don’t think that any of the bottom five could hurt him at all except for potentially Nami. Even against Nami, he would likely be able to survive the blow and then use one of his large array of explosive/metal weapons to take her out. Nami can be taken out by the offensive strength of a stiff breeze, so in any battle of attrition, Franky would have to come out on top.

4. Jinbe

We haven’t seen a lot of Jinbe’s abilities, but he has shown himself to be powerful enough to match up to both Big Mom’s key underlings and other Warlords during the Marineford arc. I don’t believe we have seen him go all out after the timeskip yet, which means he probably has a lot of power left for us to see. His notable powers include that he seems very durable, he can swim quickly, he knows Fishman karate, he has Haki, and his power in and around the water is massive. However, it is also true that he seemed to be one of the weaker/average Warlords, by no means comparable to Mihawk or Doflamingo, and he does not have a Devil Fruit. I think it is clear that his power varies a lot depending on the battle’s proximity to water. However, I think in either scenario his offensive capability will be able to best Franky, being reinforced with Haki and practiced technique, and his defensive capabilities may not be necessary given his Observation Haki. Regardless, Jinbe seems tough enough to take whatever hits Franky could land on him.

3. Sanji

Sanji and Jinbe are likely very close together. Sanji has shown that he can match up against multiple members of the Vinsmoke family. The Vinsmoke family, him included, then proceeded to battle successfully against many of Big Mom’s strongest family members (aside from her three generals). I think he is placed on a similar level as Jinbe due to this, and also due to the fact that he is able to use both kinds of Haki. Where Jinbe is a master of the sea, Sanji can run through the sky, meaning that the location of the battle is critical. At sea, Jinbe would likely win, but Sanji would probably win away from water. One thing that really tips the balance is that Sanji now possesses the Germa power suit he got from the Vinsmoke family; something that likely will boost his power significantly when he decides to use it. It’s a tough call, but maybe i’m biased because Sanji is just such a cool dude.

2. Zoro

I think that Zoro has shown himself to be very likely stronger than Sanji, simply because Pica seems like a very formidable adversary and I don’t believe that Sanji has taken on anyone of his caliber yet. Further, I don’t think Zoro really used anything close to his full ability in the fight versus Pica, and it will be interesting to see what he has in store for the future. For instance, one of his eyes is always closed. Why? I don’t know, but I’m going to assume it’s a secret technique rather than a handicap. Further, Zoro’s three blades seem significantly more dangerous than Sanji’s two legs, especially now that Zoro can coat them with Haki. I’m eager to see Zoro pushed to his full limits, but for now I think we should assume he would be able to defeat Sanji.

1. Luffy

This doesn’t really need much explanation. The man was able to beat Katakuri, someone with a bounty of over one million, and appeared to land significant blows on Kaido. He has a bounty of 1.5 billion, can punch with the strength of a full speed train, can stretch his body into multiple powerful configurations both offensively and defensively, can fly, and can even now see into the near future. He can knock armies of low level foes out with literally a glance. There isn’t much of a contest here, but I’ve got to put him in the number one slot, so here he is. He’s stupid enough to lose to anyone though, honestly.

I hope you found some sort of value in my list, and I think there is a lot of valid argument for any of the slots except for Luffy’s and maybe Zoro’s. Battles often involve a lot of factors, and depending on the distance, allies around, emotions, and terrain, a lot of these fights between the crew members would go the other way. I could especially see Nami and Jinbe being placed in vastly different spots in other lists.

Anyway, have a good day. Or don’t, I’m not your dad (probably).