10 Helpful Genshin Impact Tips for New Players!

Hey guys, it’s Gray. Today I just wanted to compile a short list of ten tips that beginner players might find helpful when they play Genshin Impact! These might be pretty basic, and it’s possible that you’ll know them all already, but my goal is just to help newer players have a good time! Without further ado, here are the tips!

1. Don’t roll on the Permanent banner if you specifically want a 5* character! (rather than a weapon)

There are generally three banners in Genshin Impact. There’s a banner for weapons, the Permanent banner which is always has the same characters and weapons, and the Event banner which gives you an increased chance to get a specific featured character when you roll a 5*. If you roll a 5* on the Permanent banner, there is a 50% chance that you get one of five 5* characters (Diluc, Jean, Qiqi, Keqing, and Mona), and a 50% chance that you get a 5* weapon. By contrast, if you roll a 5*on the Event banner, there is a 50% chance you get the featured 5* character, and a 50% chance of getting one of the aforementioned 5* characters (Diluc, Jean, Qiqi, Keqing, and Mona). Further, if you don’t get the featured 5* character on the event banner the first time you roll a 5*, you will be guaranteed the featured character the second time. you roll a 5* on that banner. Thus, the difference is that you will always roll a 5* character rather than a weapon if you roll a 5* on the Event banner.

Rolling on the Permanent banner occasionally is totally fine if you don’t mind this difference, but if you really want a 5* character, wasting primogems rolling on the Permanent banner can lead to getting 5* weapons that you really don’t care about or want to use.

2. Statues of the Seven can heal your team to 100% for free

If you press F on a Statue of the Seven, you can click “Statue’s Blessing” and click on your team to heal them up to full health. You can select an option automate the process so that every time you get near a Statue of the Seven, you are automatically healed as much as possible. This makes the game way easier than if you only used the alternative healing method, which is by consuming food! I mention this tip because I had two very close friends get to AR 25 only healing by consuming food because they did not know that this healing method was possible. The amount that the statues can heal you is capped and regenerates over time, but the healing limit is very high so beginner players will not have to worry about that much.

3. You can use Stardust and Starglitter to grab some extra rolls or characters!

You may have noticed that you can roll for new characters and weapons in Genshin Impact using Primogems, Acquaint Fates, or Intertwined Fates. However, you can acquire some extra Acquaint and Intertwined fates by going to the wishing screen, clicking on “Shop,” and then navigating to the “Paimon’s Bargains” tab. There, you’ll see that you can use currency known as “Stardust” and “Starglitter.” Stardust is acquired as a bonus whenever you make rolls, and Starglitter is gained by getting duplicates of characters and items. Every month, the shop lets you use your Stardust to get up to 5 Acquaint Fates and 5 Intertwined Fates, which can really help you get more rolls in! Starglitter can also be used to get Fates, but it can also be used to straight up buy a character from the Shop, so many players decide to save their Starglitter for that instead!

4. Talk to Draff in Springvale to buy 10 extra raw meat, fowl, and bird eggs per day!

Many of the merchants in Genshin Impact are quite obvious, and you probably don’t need to be told that they sell things. However, Draff has no food stand, building, or any sort of indication that he sells anything. You can easily find him by going to the Springvale waypoint and running toward the town. Draff is standing up on a small raised rock overlooking a small pond with another man beside him. This is really handy for making sure that you can keep your inventory well-stocked with health and status dishes without having to go through the trouble of hunting down animals yourself!

5. You are guaranteed a 5* character or weapon within 90 rolls on any singular banner

As you may or may not have heard, getting a 5* character or weapon in Genshin Impact is quite difficult, with a success rate of only 0.6%! However, there is some good news. There is an in-game counter known as the “Pity” system that will make sure that you get a 5* character or weapon within 90 rolls on any singular banner. From what I have heard, the chance of getting a 5* gets more and more likely starting from around 70 pulls without having gotten a 5* yet, up to an 100% chance by 90 pulls. After you get a 5*, the counter resets to zero and begins counting to 90 again. That means that, as long as you keep rolling, you will definitely eventually get a 5*, even if it seems like it is hopeless! Keep in mind that the Pity is not shared between the Permanent and Event banners, so if you split your rolls between these banners, it will take longer to reach the Pity 5*. The Pity counter does, however, carry over between different Event banners. For instance, if you get to 80 rolls on one Event banner that is then replaced by a different one, you will still be guaranteed a 5* within your next 10 rolls on the Event banner!

6. You can get a free Xiangling!

If you’ve been wanting a polearm user in your party but haven’t been able to roll one yet, look no further! The 4* character Xiangling is a cheerful cook who uses Fire and a Polearm to face her adversaries. You can get her for free starting from AR 20 by going into the freshly unlocked Spiral Abyss and making it through all three Chambers of Floor 3! It’s a bit of a wait to unlock her, but her abilities are great for using fire in combat when you don’t have time to aim a bow with Amber. At the time of this article, I still use her in my main party for combat and adventuring!

7. If you pay attention to the Official Genshin Impact social media channels and streams, you can get codes that will give you rewards

You don’t have to pay attention too closely, but occasionally Mihoyo (the company who created Genshin) will give out a code that gives a reward to anyone who enters it, such as free primogems, Mora, or experience books. The reward amount varies, but doing this consistently can net you a significant amount of primogems over time, especially when it’s so easy. People compile and post the codes online as well, so finding them isn’t difficult. You can enter these codes in game by going to your “Settings” page, going to the Account tab, and then clicking “Redeem Now.” It’s not much, but it’s honest work.

8. You can move faster if you repeatedly dash forward compared to holding down the sprint button

There is a lot of running on foot in Teyvat. It sometimes can be tedious walking everywhere, so it’s obvious to sprint so that traveling takes less time. But what if I told you there was a better way? Pressing and quickly releasing the sprint button triggers a dash animation that makes your character lunge forward very quickly. If you repeatedly do this as soon as the previous animation is finished, you can get around the map more quickly compared to just holding down the sprint button! However, there is an even faster way, which is by dashing and then immediately pressing jump repeatedly (bunny hopping). It’s not necessary to do either of these methods of course, but for me, I gotta go fast.

9. It’s okay to spend experience resources on characters you don’t use much!

It seems intuitive that, because you can only use four characters at once, spending experience items like Hero’s Wits and Adventurer’s Experiences on any additional characters would be a waste. Shouldn’t you save them to use on your main party? Yes and no. It’s entirely good strategy to make sure that your main four characters are always leveled as high as possible, but there are also a couple of reasons why spending resources on other characters makes sense. First, you may need other characters and elements to deal with dungeons and bosses that are weak against certain elements or weapon types. If you’re against a dungeon with primarily ice enemies, you might want to sub in a fire character, while certain bosses may require you to use a character with a claymore. Second, leveling up characters gives you rewards! For each character, leveling them up level 20, 50, and 70 and ascending them allows you to collect an Acquaint Fate for each ascension. You can collect these Fates by going to the Character screen and clicking on the little star and arrow icon in the top right above the blue experience counter. It doesn’t take a whole lot of resources to level a character up in the early levels, so it’s sensible to get every character you own to level 20 and ascend them at least for that reason alone! And finally, third, you are eventually going to need two full teams of characters. In the later levels of the Spiral Abyss (unlocked at AR 20), the chambers are divided into two halves, each of which requires a separate team of four characters to beat. That means that any experience resources you spend on characters outside your main party could be useful in constructing a second team of characters later! In the end, you will need to decide how to best allocate your resources with all these things in mind.

10. You should generally save your fragile resin for later levels rather than spending it immediately

Fragile Resin is a crescent-shaped consumable that allows you to expend it to immediately restore 60 resin. Resin, for those who are unaware, is the resource used to collect rewards from domains, bosses, and leylines. You get 160 of this resource per day, and once you expend all of yours, it gradually is restored over time. Fragile Resin is useful because it therefore allows you to collect more rewards in a day than would normally be possible! However, all rewards that you collect are not equal in value. If you use your Fragile Resin to collect rewards in early AR levels, the rewards that you get are not as good as the rewards you would get if you used it in later AR levels. It’s okay to use some every once in a while if you’re close to an ascension or something that you really want to get the resources for, but otherwise, the longer you can save it, the better!

That concludes my list of 10 helpful Genshin Impact tips for new players! If you’re a fan of Genshin Impact, you can also check out our Genshin Impact personality quizzes to discover which 5-Star and which 4-Star Genshin Impact character you are!

Thanks for reading!