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We are a new website with no money, so we can’t pay anyone for content submitted by the community. However, if you feel like you want to have your writing published on our website anyway, you can submit it to us for consideration! After we review it, we will get back to you, and if it makes the cut, we will work with you to edit it and then put the post up!

The type of content we publish here mostly consists of articles, reviews, lists, or rankings related to the subjects of anime or gaming, so your content would have to fit in that description. It can be however long. You can choose whatever name you want (as long as we approve it) to be published under, and you will be labeled as “Community Contributor.”

If published on our website, you agree to let us publish it, alter it, monetize it, or use it however we want in the future. You cede to us all rights to the content and to any future compensation for it. However, as the author, you of course can publish the content that you wrote on other websites or on your own website in the future. Submission of content to this website means that you agree to these terms.

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