Black Clover Quiz: Which Black Bull are You?

Hey members of the Rainy Fox Squad. Here is a quiz that can tell you which member of the Black Bull you are! This Black Clover quiz contains all current members of the Black Bull (except for the member most recently revealed in the anime)!

This quiz is based only on the anime and thus does not include any further developments that may have occurred in the manga.

Take our Black Clover personality quiz below to see which Black Bull you are!

What is your birth month?

What is your preferred battle style?

Which of these things do you like the most?

What is your favorite of these colors?

Which of these choices best describes your personality?

Which of these powers would you like to have the most?

How's your intelligence?

Which of these activities sounds the most appealing to you?

Which one of these personality traits is the most relatable to you?

Which grimoire calls to you?

How is your sense of humor?

Black Clover Quiz: Which Black Bull are You?
You are: Zora Ideale

You are: Yami Sukehiro

You are: Charmy Pappitson

You are: Gauche Adlai

You are: Finral Roulacase

You are: Gordon Agrippa

You are: Magna Swing

You are: Grey

You are: Vanessa Enoteca

You are: Noelle Silva

You are: Asta

You are: Luck Voltia

You are: Henry Legolant

You are: Secre Swallowtail

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