Quiz: Which Popular Battle Anime Protagonist Are You?

Hey guys, it’s Gray.

We made a quiz you can take to find out which popular battle anime protagonist you are!

This anime protagonist quiz includes 13 anime protagonists from popular battle anime series. Anime characters from both older and more modern series are included. Although it’s impossible to include every possible character, this anime quiz includes protagonists such as Tanjirou, Luffy, Midoriya, Naruto, Goku, Itadori, Gon, and more!

Take our anime protagonist quiz below!

What month were you born?

Which one of these choices best describes your personality?

What is your favorite of these colors?

Which one of these locations would you most want to live in?

Which one of these foods/drinks is your favorite?

If you could have one of these abilities, which one would you pick?

How is your intelligence?

How is your sense of humor?

What type of person would you rather have as a close friend?

Which of these organizations would you most like to belong to?

Which of these concepts do you care about the most?

A group of hostile enemies is rapidly running towards you. What is your response?

Quiz: Which Popular Battle Anime Protagonist Are You?
You are: Monkey D. Luffy

You are: Asta

You are: Midoriya Izuku

You are: Edward Elric

You are: Eren Jaeger

You are: Son Goku

You are: Gon Freecss

You are: Kurosaki Ichigo

You are: Itadori Yuji

You are: Kujo Jotaro

You are: Uzumaki Naruto

You are: Tanjirou Kamado

You are: Urameshi Yuusuke

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