Quiz: Which 5-Star Genshin Impact Character Are You?

We have determined the perfect set of questions to determine which 5-Star Genshin Impact character you are! Take this Genshin quiz to find out! The quiz contains all 5-Star characters (aside from crossover characters) up to and including Yae Miko!

Quiz: Which Arcane Character Are You?

Today we bring you a quiz that can tell you which character from the Netflix and League of Legends series Arcane you are! This Arcane personality quiz contains 8 characters and is based off of the series and, partially, the game of League of Legends itself. However, you don’t need to have played LoL at all in order to take this quiz!

Gray’s List of 10/10 Anime Series

Today I just wanted to type out a short list of the anime that I’ve seen so far that I would consider as worthy of the rating 10/10. The key here is “so far.” There are many, many anime that I haven’t seen yet that very well could be worthy of a 10/10. If you don’t see your favorite anime on here, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t think it is a 10/10. It’s very likely that I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet!

Quiz: Which 4-Star Genshin Impact Character Are You?

After extensive research and testing, we have determined the perfect set of questions to determine which 4-Star Genshin Impact character you are! The quiz contains all 4-Star characters up to and including Gorou!

List of Awesome Speedrunning YouTube Channels

I decided to make a list of awesome YouTube channels which are focused on speedrunning! There will be a huge amount of amazing speedrunning content creators left off of the list, so be aware that this list represents only some of the good ones that I personally have seen so far.

Quiz: Which Popular Battle Anime Protagonist Are You?

We made a quiz you can take to find out what popular battle anime protagonist you are! This anime protagonist quiz includes 13 anime protagonists from popular battle anime series. Anime characters from both older and more modern series are included.

Black Clover Quiz: Which Black Bull are You?

Here is a quiz that can tell you which member of the Black Bull you are! This Black Clover quiz contains all current members of the Black Bull (except for the member most recently revealed in the anime)!